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I'm a semi-professional photographer; sometimes I charge for my services, and sometimes I don't! It depends! If you're going to make money out of my images by using them for your professional services then I definitely want something for my efforts. However, if you want the photos for your personal use and not for gain, or just for the experience, then I may make no charge. It depends; the more that I think I'm going to enjoy the photoshoot, the less I'll charge! But see below regarding travel and accommodation expenses.

If I am going to charge you (see above) then I will require payment at the end of the shoot (but see below regarding travel and accommodation expenses). I may also require the upfront payment of a booking fee! At the end of the shoot after having seen the images that I have taken you will be given the opportunity of paying my fee to receive the images. If you decline to pay this, that's your choice, and I'll delete the images there and then.

If you live over 90 minutes drive from me in Eastbourne, and cannot provide suitable accommodation for the shoot and me, then an additional charge will be due UPFRONT, before the shoot, paid into my paypal account. I may also require my travel costs to be covered.