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Why have a photoshoot?

1. Because they can be fun. Most of us have an exhibitionist streak, even if it's well hidden. A photoshoot gives us permission to let it out. We can be the centre of attention for a while, guilt-free .

2. Because you need some photos for social media, dating sites etc. Sure, we can take some with our mobile, but it's harder than it looks and photos taken close to tend have an unflattering perspective. And, ideally, you'll want a set of photos ranging from innocent to naughty. A photographer can advise on that, and what's the best poses for you.

3. Because your sex life with your partner has become, frankly, a bit boring. That can be hard to sort out on your own, but a sexy photoshoot gives the opportunity for some experimentation.

4. Because you or your partner has erectile dysfunction. Drug therapy doesn't always work on its own, but together with a highly sexualised experience can help overcome a psychological block (recounted by a men's sexual help nurse).

5. Because you're considering a modelling career, and you want to see how you like being in front of a camera. You'll also need some good quality images for your portfolio as well.

Themes for a photoshoot

Most photographers like to tell a story with their images. One theme can form the basis of a successful photoshoot. I've given some ideas below to get you thinking. Can you come up with some better ideas?

Theme 1 is seduction of a lover. This may only involve the model, directing his or her attention to the camera and performing a slow erotic strip, pausing at key points. Or it may also involve the partner, perhaps with back to the camera.

Theme 2 is a threesum showing sexual activity between two people with the third person looking on (is this person being cuckolded? That may be part of the story). With couples I sometimes venture from behind the camera to make up the numbers.

Theme 3 is sweet and sexy, with lots of gentle, poses, clothed or unclothed, with nothing too explicit.

Theme 4 is bondage with images of the subject bound with rope. The natural colours of rope can look beautiful when set against the background of skin.