Welcome to Scott Clifton’s erotic and nude photography website
(Your local naturist photographer - if you live in Sussex!)

If you’d like some photographs taken please email me at: [email protected]

I live near Eastbourne in Sussex.

I love taking erotic and sexy photos of naked people, be they males, females, or couples.

In my experience people are rather nervous the first time they pose partially or fully nude, but this soon passes and they then find it a fun and liberating experience. Sometimes, a face mask enables their inner exhibitionist self to come to the fore.
I'm a naturist myself and so am prepared to get naked as fast as my clients if that's what they want!

Why not have some high quality images for your social media accounts, or dating sites?  I could arrange to travel to you for my free, discreet, confidential, home photographic service. I work mainly in East and West Sussex and towns such as Eastbourne and Brighton.  Clients in London often travel to the Crawley/Gatwick area (where cheap hotels are available) for a shoot with me. Why not book a shoot if you're staying overnight before or after a flight? 
I always conduct photoshoots to be enjoyable sessions and to bring out the voyeur and exhibitionist latent in us all. I tether my camera to a laptop during the shoot. This allows the client and me to see the photos as they are shot, and change things if necessary. Clients soon start suggesting new poses, and a fun time is had by all! 

Or, if you really want top class images and we have already had one shoot, we can arrange for a session at a photographic studio but you would have to pay for that (probably about 50 pounds)!

If you want to check my references please have a look at my account on purpleport (a website used by many photographers to contact models and make-up artists). The URL is https://purpleport.com/portfolio/scott56/.

On the Portfolio page which you can access with the link below, you will see many images I have taken of professional and amateur models. They are there to demonstrate my capabilities as a photographer. They can appear here because I have paid them for their professional services or they have requested this. Your images won't appear here unless you specifically ask for this (and I agree). I always protect the privacy of my clients when requested.

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My Facebook profile is at: www.facebook.com/scott.clifton.315428

Images in my Portfolio on this site include close up photographs of naked bodies.

If you are under 18 years of age or are likely to be offended by such images please exit this site.

Otherwise click  for my Portfolio here.