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References And Testimonials


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Kate (Dartford,26/5/2024)
I came across Scott's website by accident and as I was wanting some more photos for my Instagram account I got in contact with him. I found him a charming and considerate person to work with. We arranged a shoot at my place and he arrived promptly with all his gear and we were soon shooting in earnest. During the shoot he was very professional, gave good directions, but was also sensitive to my needs. When he sent me his final images I was delighted with their quality. I highly recommend him.

Sandra and James (Brighton, 7/3/2024)
We booked Scott for a photoshoot to commemorate our 10th wedding anniversery. We loved posing together in the poses Scott suggested, and a few we came up with once we got into the swing of it! And the images we got from him later exceeded all our expectations. We look really good in them. I'm sure we'll look back on them in future years and marvel how good we looked.

Samantha (Hastings, 25/9/2023)
Thanks for the super videos you took, Scott!

Adam and Christine (Guildford, 25/6/2023)
I (Adam) contacted Scott because we're both interested in becoming naturists but Chris has got very body-shy since our last child. I wanted to demontrate to her that she had nothing to be shy about when nude. Scott took some super shots of her, and now we've had our first naturist beach walk! Thanks Scott!

Amanda (Gatwick, 7/6/2023)
A friend told me about Scott whilst I was working in the UK. I've not been able to discover anyone like him in the US so I booked a shoot with him, wanting some nice images for Instagram. He was able to advise on what would be acceptable and took them. I'm very pleased with the results. And he doesn't charge very much!

Penny (Heathrow, 5/4/2023)
I had a stopover at Heathrow on a trip from New York to India. I'd seen Scott's website while in the US and was pleased at the opportunity for him to produce some nice photos for my dating accounts. He arrived on time at my hotel room with his kit and we were soon shooting! I was a little nervous to start with but he's such a genuine, friendly, chatty guy that I soon relaxed and started to enjoy myself. He emailed the results a week later and I love them! Highly recommended.

Nikki (Brighton, 01/11/2022)
I had a great photoshoot with Scott recently. I was quite apprehensive about the shoot but he soon put me at my ease and then I started to enjoy the experience! I'm really pleased with the results. I always had a bit of a worry about how I look naked but I'm much more confident now. Many thanks.

Carol and David (Eastbourne, 12/10/2022)
David has always wanted some saucy photos of us together but I've been reluctant (too shy I suppose). Eventually I was persuaded and we found Scott on the internet. We booked a hotel room for the shoot so we wouldn't be disturbed by inquisitive children. Scott was very friendly and reassuring. To be honest I found the session a bit of a turn on and am really glad I let my self be persuaded. The photos we got from Scott are great too!

Luna and Malaki (East Grinstead, 23/06/2022)
Luna had a wonderful photo session with this gentleman, I can’t wait to see the results!

Gillie and Geoff (Brighton, October 2021)
We both found Scott to be a great photographer: friendly, very professional in giving great guidance on poses and yet knowing when it was best to let Gillie take the lead. We couldn't accommodate so he even arranged a suitable hotel room for the shoot. Gillie was a bit worried about the shoot but Scott soon made her feel comfortable. The photos he took were fantastic! We both had a great time. Thanks again!

Jill (Hailsham, September 2021)
Just a quick email Scott to thank you for the photoshoot. I love the images you created and thought you conducted the shoot in a very professional manner.

Peter and Sally (Eastbourne, May 2021)
This is Sally, Scott. We just loved the photoshoot the other day! You were so kind and patient, and we scared shitless! But soon all was well as we settled into the shoot. Peter was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself posing for you. Many thanks.

Jenny and Tom (Ashton, September 2020)
Hi Scott! Great photoshoot the other day. We were a bit (well, actually, rather a lot) apprehensive before the shoot. But you soon settled us down and we had a great time! Many thanks again.

Sally (Eastbourne, July 2020)
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am about our photoshoot last week, and the photos you took of me! I see myself with new eyes now, and I'm gaining the confidence to be the naturist that I really am.

Andrew (Surrey, June 2020)
Hi Scott, Many thanks for sending over the images! They have came out great! Thank you so much for the shoot last week.
Many thanks Scott

Jill and Tom (Sussex, May 2020)
Scott: Tom and I were so pleased wth our recent outdoor shoot! Your choice of location was perfect (easy to find and park, and discreet but sunny). Tom throughly enjoyed himself being your "lighting man". The photos are great too. We're thinking of booking you for another shoot, and maybe, I'll be more adventurous next time!

X (South London, February 2020)
Great guy, great photographer. Recommended!

May (Sussex, January 2020)
I was emailed by Scott Clifton in regards to an ad I had posted about modelling and a collaboration. After we talked via emails then whatsapp he took precautions to make sure I felt happy and safe around him (as meeting someone for the first time is very daunting at times, no matter how many times you meet new people and strip naked in front of them!) I was very relaxed and calm about how Scott worked and his personality. We worked well together and he produced lovely low key edited images that are natural and beautifully executed, I will be using a few for my own work. At the end of the shoot I signed a disclaimer etc and when later seeing the photos, a nude one I was not happy with, asked if he would refrain from putting up and using, he agreed to this and was very understanding and okay even though it was not in the original contractual disclaimer I signed. All in all, very happy with the images and I highly recommend Scott to anyone wanting natural images that speak for themselves.

James (Brighton, January 2020)
I recently posed for a nude photo shoot with Scott. He is friendly and creative and was happy to work with ideas I had and to suggest some of his own. He is just as comfortable taking nude pics of guys like me as he clearly is with female models. I look forward to posing for Scott again soon

Jamie (Wales, October, 2019)
Hello Scott. Thanks for the pix. All of them are just brilliant. They really show off your artistic professionalism. I really do hope that you can use and publish them. Your work really deserves to be seen and admired

Sue (Eastbourne, October, 2019)
Just want to say, thanks very much for the photoshoot last Saturday. You made me feel very comfortable, even when I was naked! The photos are great, and my hubby loves them too!

Tom (Crawley, July, 2019)
I was very impressed by your professionalism when you took those photos for me. They've come out much better than I expected, to be honest! I was also rather apprehensive about the shoot; it's not often that I undress in front of a guy. Thanks again!

Jill and Adrian (Brighton, May, 2019)
Scott, we both wanted to thank you for the shoot. We were both a bit embarrassed about the whole business, before we met you. But you put us at our ease and we got those intimate photos we'd always wanted. When we get old we can look back at them and marvel at how good we looked.

Melanie (Hastings, May 2019)
Thanks Scott. As you know I've always been very body shy even though I've often been complemented on my figure. Now I've seen those wonderful photos you took I'm much more confident in my own skin. Take care!

Julia (Eastbourne, December 2018)
The photos are great Scott. I've put them up and they look great. You can tell potential clients from me that you're a really nice, polite guy, and a great photographer.

Natalie (Crawley, September 2018)
Thanks for the photos. You were really professional during the shoot, even in very challenging scenarios. My boyfriend was very impressed too. He wants me to have more taken, perhaps of both of us this time?

Jane (Crawley, June 2018)
I'm glad I made the journey to Crawley Scott. I really enjoyed being photographed by you and the photographs look brilliant!